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ZANZINET is a forum that brings together Zanzibaris of all backgrounds and from all corners of the world to discuss and share ideas and information about matters relating to and for the benefit of Zanzibar. In so doing, it works to promote Zanzibar's cultural diversity by providing critical and independent thinkers a forum where they can freely express their views and opinions on a wide range of issues.

Zanzinet has recorded a great success in its main objective by bringing together Zanzibaris from all corners of the globe into an electronic forum where Zanzibar matters most than anything else. Along the process, it has provided a stable platform for Swahili language and art enthusiasts to share their talents with their fellow countrymen and ultimately the world at large.

Zanzibar door

Zanzibar door

Since the time of its inception, there was a great interest among the earlier founders of Zanzinet to share with the world the richness and beauties of Swahili language. Kassim A. Abdullah and Hassan O. Ali, who together with other Zanzibaris founded Zanzinet in 1994, both were the first to publish information on Swahili language on the web. Almost ten years have passed since then and the websites they launched are still popular today as sources of some important information about Swahili language, Zanzibar and Tanzania as a whole. Zanzinet was thus fortunate to have been conceived by the people who share common passion on the need to develop and nurture the Swahili language. When Zanzinet expanded to include members from all parts of the globe, it brought along a new class of amazing language artists and enthusiasts. This generation of artists has revitalized the spirit of Swahili poetry that existed in Zanzibar for centuries. 

Swahili poems available on this website are grouped into single- or co-authored poems depending on the number of people who had their hands on that particular poem. For convenience, and perhaps for easy reading, reactions of other members with respect to a particular poem are presented on the same page as the main thread. Furthermore, from time to time, we are fortunate to receive contributions from poets who are not members of Zanzinet. Such poems are grouped under contributed poems

We hope you will enjoy your journey through the world of Swahili poems as brought to you generously by Zanzinet members. 

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