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Zanzinet is a forum that brings together Zanzibaris of all backgrounds from the world at large. It is therefore an electronic mirror image of Zanzibar. Its members share something in common; the rich food traditions from the Spice Islands of Zanzibar.

Zanzibar's history is unique in East Africa. For centuries, its strategic position, the flourishing maritime trade, the beauty of its landscape, and the hospitality of its people have made Zanzibar a famous destination for traders, tourists, and other world wanderers. The Bantus, Omanis, Persians, Indians, Portuguese, Chinese and many more who, at some point, called Zanzibar their home left a mark on the islands of Zanzibar. They brought along a multitude of cultures and of course, a myriad of food traditions. Easy going and easy to integrate natives of Zanzibar quickly absorbed food traditions from their visitors, modified them to fit with the available fresh ingredients and produced unique dishes that have become an integral part of the present generation.

For a long time, Zanzinet members have filled this forum with colourful, spicy, and mouth-wetting recipes from appetizers to deserts. On this website, Zanzinet kindly offers its readers a first hand account of Zanzinet recipes.

Karibu !!!

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