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In this picture, standing from left to right are: Muhammed Abdulla, Abdulla Mfarinyaki, Khamis Darwesh, Said Idi Bavuai, Abdullah Said Natepe, Hamid Ameir, Hafidh Suleiman, Pili Khamis, and Said wa Shoto. Seated from left to right are: Ramadhan Haji, John Okello, and Seif Bakari.

According to a list published in a book (Zanzibar Dola, Taifa na Nchi Huru) by Dr. Yussuf S. Salim of the Zanzibar Center of Human and Democratic Rights based in Denmark, those not seen in this picture are Yusuf Himid and Khamis Hemedi. Based on our recollection, Yusuf Himid became the first leader of the Nyuki Brigade, the Zanzibar's division of the Tanzania People's Defence Forces (TPDF). Upon his death in early 80's, Khamis Hemedi succeeded him in the same capacity.

The Committee of Fourteen was essentially composed of members of the Afro Shirazi Youth League (ASYL), the youth branch of the Afro Shirazi Party (ASP).



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